Immanuel Lutheran Church

107 Scott Street                                    
Tonawanda, NY  14150                        

(map and diections)

Worship: Saturday evening 5:00pm, Sunday morning 10:30am

Bible Class & Sunday School: 9:00am Sunday morning

Pastor Michael R Dobler
Cell phone 1-815-980-3443
Office hours Tuesday – Friday 9am-12 noon
Day off – Monday

Please call the church at (716) 692.6200 with any concerns, and we will respond as quickly as we can.

Location: We are located at the corner of William and Scott Streets in the City of Tonawanda.  The main church entrance is from William Street just north of Minerva.   A ramp for entering the building is on the Scott Street side.  You can see a photo by clicking on the link above for map and directions.

The offices are in the parish hall, the main entrance is from Scott St.

Office hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 10AM-2PM; Wednesday and Friday 8AM-12noon

“…when people of faith, share their faith, their light, their resources, their knowledge, their goodness and love.  New life in Christ becomes a reality…. The Kingdom of God has come!”

From Rev. Elton Rengstorf’s book Little Glimmers of Light.

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